Advice on Building Choice Models
That Forecast Well

After over 35 years building econometric models and choice models, we have developed a considerable amount of experience in understanding which methods and procedures work and which do not. The attached white paper shares what we have learned.

New Pricing For New Releases
Starting now, with the exception of the period 8/20/13 - 9/20/13, you can upgrade any Wizard in the Discrete-Choice Suite for $390 each. And if you own a Wizard in the Suite, you can add another for only $390.

The upgrades for the Discrete-Choice Suite contain a number of significant enhancements, including support for discrete-choice modeling in R, optimized designs in any configuration and real-time calculation of design efficiency. For more information, click the Contact us button on this page.

Announcing StatWizards Academy
We now offer free training in all elements of discrete-choice projects, from design of experiments to estimating models in all major discrete-choice packages (including R). Designed for use in the classroom or distance learning, all tutorials make use of a common data set, allowing for comparisons between methodologies. For more information, click here.

Do you use your own estimation package or one not covered? If you give us a non-binding but reasonable commitment to purchase, we will add your capability to our software for free.

One of the world's largest food companies uses the Simulator Wizard across 150 brands. Find out why.
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Quantitative Tools for solving critical business problems.

The past few decades have seen a quiet revolution in the development of quantitative business tools. No longer the province of back-office operations, new techniques have emerged for solving million- and even billion-dollar problems.

Discrete Choice Modeling

In recent years, discrete-choice analysis has emerged as a powerful tool in the market research arsenal. Based on consumers' hypothetical or real-world choices, discrete choice help guide product managers' critical tasks: read more about discrete choice modeling. Also, read a recent review of our software and check out our customer list.

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A brief overview of StatWizards products
AMA - American Marketing Association

SW provides unique benefits for design discrete choice experiments, flexibility for analyzing using several methods and ease for constructing the simulator. SW's LG Formatter is absolutely necessary if using LG, and SW

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The best online market research quantitative modeling products that I know of

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As always, thank you for the quick response. The wizards have been one of the best purchases I've made.

A set of DIY tools for designing and analyzing Discrete Choice surveys. A great value, further enhanced by George's top-notch support and guidance.