Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesThe roots for StatWizards’ software lie in consulting.  Our firm’s members have spent over 30 years advising companies in over 60 industries on a variety of topics, often involving advanced quantitative methods.  Along the way we discovered that much of the knowledge and tedium in applying advanced quantitative methods to business problems could be encapsulated in software.  The result was StatWizards' collection of Excel add-ins.

Our software propelled the firm’s consulting to another level.  Instead of mechanically walking through projects involving quantitative methods like discrete-choice modeling, we tackle the hard problems that our competitors can’t typically handle.

Further, our collective backgrounds extend far beyond the domain bounded by our software.  We have considerable experience in econometric forecasting, financial modeling and market segmentation.  Over the years we have worked on projects for 130 clients across 66 industries.  In the discrete-choice space alone we have over 220 engagements.  And that number excludes proprietary work we do for investors who wish to remain anonymous.  In addition, we have either founded or co-founded 3 businesses, so we know firsthand the problems you face.

Our members boast a rare combination of quantitative skills and business awareness.  And our work experience is extensive.  Our background includes  McKinsey & Co., the international consulting firm; Data Resources, the econometric consulting firm; 3Com; Rockwell International; and Southern California Edison.  In addition, we have co-founded a real-estate investment partnership and an international consulting firm.  Given our extensive  experience, we have a unique combination of perspective, quantitative skills and business acumen to help you with your problems.

Many of our clients are consultants themselves.  Either they use our software to achieve big productivity gains, or we work with them directly to develop custom market simulators they can, if they wish, deliver to clients.  In these engagements, we typically charge wholesale rather than retail rates, allowing the lead consulting firm to rebill at whatever rates they see fit.

If you could benefit from our consulting services, contact us today for a free consultation.