A Geodatabase Company

The Company

A Geodatabase Company
This provider of high-quality, detailed and accurate digital mapping databases supports a wide variety of navigation, location-based services and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Among its products are navigation systems for luxury automobiles.

The Challenge

The company wanted insights into the demand for upgraded navigation services made possible by the growing expansion of GIS applications. Of the many possible new features they could potentially offer, they wanted to know which ones would resonate with their current customer base, and which combination of features and pricing would maximize revenues in this replacement market.

The Solution

Using StatWizards tools, consultants built a discrete-choice model of replacement demand for digital mapping media. A key deliverable was a StatWizards-produced Excel model allowing the company to examine how different combinations of functions, media, price and branding influenced demand.

Results Achieved

The company was able to identify the features and pricing that held the greatest potential to generate replacement sales. To date, demand has been brisk.