Large Food Company

The Company

One of the world's largest food companies boasts over 100 recognizable brands. For years it has employed Sawtooth Software's Choice-Based Conjoint/Hierarchical Bayes software to help price and position products in competitive markets.

The Challenge

In the past, analysts from the company's marketing department would take results from CBC/HB models and craft them into Excel spreadsheets for product managers to use. While this process worked, it took from two to three weeks to implement.

The Solution

The company employed StatWizards' Simulator Wizard to build its Excel-based simulators automatically. To eliminate as much manual intervention as possible, the company used StatWizards ½ day of free consulting to write code that instantly customized simulators to the company's requirements.

Results Achieved

Production time for simulators dropped from three weeks to seconds, saving the company money and placing the results in the hands of product managers sooner.