Data Wizard

When results from a survey containing a choice section comes back from the field, format your data In 3 minutes for any of these discrete-choice estimation programs:

  • Michel Bierlaire's Biogeme
  • Sawtooth Software's CBC/HB
  • Train's Gauss estimation routine
  • Statistical Innovations' Latent GOLD Choice
  • Limdep's NLOGIT
  • XlStat's Conjoint program
  • R's mlogit library
  • R's RSGHB library
  • Data Wizard : Format Your Data From This
  • To This
  • And This

Data Wizard Benefits

  • Eliminates the most tedious portion of a discrete-choice project: data setup
  • Removes a common source of error: the lengthy customized data manipulation routines needed to sort and merge design response data
  • Cuts at least a day off a discrete-choice project's schedule
  • Typically pays for itself in one project

Data Wizard Features

Time Savers

  • Requires only a simple flat Excel file of responses.
  • Automatic recoding of binary variables
  • Generation of 8-character variable names
  • Supports attribute and category labels
  • Attribute formatting preserved in choice sets
  • Integration with experimental designs produced by Design Wizard
  • Multiple output data sets can be constructed from one source data set
  • Automatically generates control files for running estimations.
  • Ease of data setup permits exploring different methodologies at minimal additional cost.

Data structures supported

  • Rectangular file with respondents in rows and questions in columns
  • Stacked data with alternatives in rows and questions in columns

Data files generated for statistical packages:

  • Latent GOLD Choice
  • Kenneth Train's Mixed Logit routine in Gauss
  • Limdep NLOGIT text data files
  • Limdep NLOGIT Excel data files
  • Sawtooth Software's CBC/HB
  • Biogeme
  • Various R packages