Design Wizard

The first step in any survey-based choice model is to configure hypothetical store visits in which respondents have to choose between a set of made-up products on a shelf.  The mathematics behind this process is tedious and complex, such that constructing an experimental design for these store visits can take up to a day or more.

Fortunately, the Design Wizard makes this process easy.  Starting with a simple list of product attributes in Excel, the Wizard constructs world-class experimental designs in seconds rather than days.  And you can customize designs to an unprecidented degree. Making use of Excel's power, the Wizard can also generate designs that are far more complex.

  • Design Wizard: Format Your Data From This
  • To This
  • And This

Design Wizard Benefits

  • Greatly reduced time in design construction
  • Elimination of error
  • Flexibility to meet most needs
  • Ideal for low-budget, short-duration efforts
  • Immediate payback
  • Rapid language translation


Design Wizard Features

Attribute Selection

  • Support for categorical and continuous variables
  • For continuous variables, automatic range fill-in based on endpoints
  • Index variables and lookup tables permit regional or national customization of levels
  • Automatic generation of mnemonic 8-character variable names
  • Optional association of an attribute with alternative-specific constants
  • Special handling for availability designs

Automatic recommendations

  • Choices per store
  • Blocking factor
  • Best design

Design flexibility

  • Variables based on complex Excel formulas can be added
  • Automatic randomization of design rows
  • Full customization of design rows, columns and cells
  • Permits complex relationships, including language and currency conversion.
  • User can include or exclude a multiple None options.
  • Prohibitions, even complex ones, are supported.
  • Design is fully editable, with real-time calculation of A- and D-efficiencies.

Design quality

  • All designs have D-efficiency = 100
  • Highest resolution offered
  • Minimizes overlap.
  • Includes aliasing tables.
  • Restricted runs handled through innovative hill-climbing algorithm

Store layout

  • Instant formatting for paper, computer or Web-based data collection
  • Rows can be added, subtracted, re-ordered and re-formatted
  • Optional rotation of column order
  • Full customization of overall appearance
  • Permits Excel formulas in any cell
  • One-button printing of camera-ready layouts
  • Optional generation of HTML output.
  • Support for Max-Diff designs
  • Automatic translation into multiple languages

Data export

  • Automatic generation of design data set ready for export
  • Automatic coding of discrete variables
  • Guidelines for survey programmers in PDF format.