Where StatWizards Helps (in a typical discrete-choice project).

StatWizards help reduce time and costs in three of the six steps - Construct experimental design; Setup data; and Build simulator - in a typical discrete-choice project, the key sources of project time, cost and complexity.

Where statwizards helps in a typical discrete-choice project.

The Experimental Design Builder constructs an experimental design from a list of product attributes and levels.

The Data Setup Facilitator rearranges data to conform to the most popular discrete-choice estimation packages.

The Simulator Builder reads text output from the most popular estimation programs and generates an Excel-based marketplace simulator.

Suite Features
Each wizard can stand alone, yet benefits from the other wizards.

  • The Data Wizard can automatically incorporate designs produced by the Design Wizard.
  • The Simulator Wizard can automatically incorporate information from both Data and Design Wizards.
  • Common look and feel resembles Microsoft wizards, making them easy to learn and use.

Suite Benefits

  • Payback is immediate.
  • Cost savings from just one project can exceed the cost of the entire suite.
  • Seat discounts boost the return even more

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