Fader-Hardie Forecasting Models

There are two ways to get an introduction to the mixture models pioneered by Peter Fader and Bruce Hardie.

Video Tutorial

The first is to look at this brief video tutorial. OK, it's really a sales pitch for the Forecast Wizard, but it gives you a succinct introduction to the diverse applications professors Fader and Hardie have tackled.

Forecast Wizard Tutorials and Papers

The second is to download and install a free copy of StatWizards' Forecast Wizard. The installation will place a number of the duo's lectures and papers on your computer and establish convenient links to them. Follow the instructions for installing the Wizard, then run it within a blank Excel spreadsheet. You will see the opening dialog box for the Wizard.

Fader-Hardie Forecasting Models

At any step in the Wizard where an academic paper on the topic at hand exists, the button with the mortarboard and diploma icon becomes enabled; clicking it displays the paper in Adobe Reader. Where a tutorial in Microsoft PowerPoint exists, the icon with the projection screen becomes enabled; clicking that opens a tutorial, also in Adobe Reader. At this point in time, only some of our products contain this feature, but over time all will.

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