Software Downloads / Trial Versions

Here you can download the latest versions of the StatWizards Software

Along with Excel-based Wizards, all the following Installation programs place demonstration files on your hard drive. If you are not a paying customer with a license, the Wizards run in demonstration mode and are restricted to working with the included practice data sets. Otherwise the add-ins are fully functioning versions of the software. They are not copy-protected, have no time restrictions and can be completely uninstalled at any time. Should you choose to purchase a license, we will send you an authentication code that will remove the demonstration restrictions and let you work with your own data sets.

If you are a current customer, check your current version against the following version numbers. Upgrading, if you have purchased or renewed a license within the last 12 months, is free; simply uninstall the old version, download the newer version below, unzip it and run the *.exe file. You may have to resubmit authentication.